Create Jewellery Studio Programmes

Tuesday Jewellery Courses 2019

Early spring courses from half term up to the Easter break

26 February to 26 March £125

Tuesday morning 9.45 -12.45
Tuesday afternoon 1-4pm

Courses will resume in mid April immediately after Easter.

These courses are suitable for absolute beginners and those with more experience of jewellery or silversmithing. The workshop has excellent facilities allowing us to cover a wide range of techniques coupled with a strong emphasis on design.

Find us on Facebook at ‘Create Jewellery Studio’ where you can see a growing portfolio of student work.

Wednesday Jewellery and Silversmithing 2019

Early spring courses up to the Easter holiday.

27 February -27 March £125

Morning session 9.45am-12.45pm.
Afternoon session 1pm-4pm.

The course fees include basic materials and use of the workshop equipment.
Silver / precious metals and stones can be purchased in the class.
Once you have started the course the fees are none returnable.
If you cancel before the start of the course there will be a booking fee of £30.

Full day and Saturday workshops – 2019

Saturday classes 10- 3.00pm £50

The next Saturday course will be on 9 March with further dates to follow after Easter.

These longer full day workshop sessions are a great opportunity to spend time developing a special technique or new skill and designed to suit those who are busy during the week or cannot attend a longer course.

Interested in making your own wedding rings?
Get in touch to talk through your ideas. I provide design guidance and can demonstrate appropriate techniques. Rings can be hallmarked too if desired.
Absolute beginners should allow 2 – 3 days to create wedding their rings if working in gold.